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  • 02:12:56 PM

    And that concludes tonights event. We have a few images to add  so stick around for them. I'm Charles Gantt signing off for Cameron Wilmot. We will see you at the next one! Keep an eye on for more indepth coverage of all of the Samsung products announced tonight! 
  • 01:58:16 PM

    Samsung 'Home Sync Lite' is on board, which syncs videos, photos etc across your Samsung devices. This syncs with Samsungs cloud services
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  • 01:57:32 PM

    On to the ATIV One Style 5 has a 26.9mm bezel, and a sub-5mm thickness.
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  • 01:56:59 PM

    At a fast pace now
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  • 01:56:49 PM

    Comes in White, Black, and Red
  • 01:56:36 PM

    A smaller, cheaper, economical version of the ATIV Book 9
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  • 01:56:05 PM

    Now on to the ATIV Book 9 Lite
  • 01:55:50 PM

    They are talking about Samsung SideSync, a built-in feature for dragging work from your laptop to your smart phone, and using your phone's screen from your laptop
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  • 01:55:06 PM

    It features the same qHD+ high-resolution screen we saw on the ATIV Q.
  • 01:54:44 PM

    13.6mm and 1.39kg  and 12 hours battery life
  • 01:54:22 PM

  • 01:54:08 PM

    We are moving on to the ATIV Book 9
  • 01:53:48 PM

    Samsung says that the ATIV Tab 3 has 8.5 hours of battery life