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    After a solid 3.5 hours the Keynote is over and we would like to thank you for following along with us here at TweakTown. We will be continuint to cover Google I/O all week in the form of News Post and Live Blogs. Please stay tuned to for the latest and greates tech news from around the world.
  • 02:18:14 PM

    As a technologist, you have to say what is the real issue People usually dont answer those questions. As a result, the work is very incremental.
  • 02:16:59 PM

    A Before we do anything, I try to understand it completely. Being at Google is great for that you can find the craziest person in any given field.
  • 02:16:18 PM

    Q How do we keep technology moving at this pace, and how do we do that responsibly?
  • 02:14:33 PM

    I am quite impressed that the time Page is giving to answer questions - Cam
  • 02:12:48 PM

    A You will have to ask Sergey, I do not know the answer to that.
  • 02:11:54 PM

    Q What will the production numbers be for consumers for Glass?
  • 02:08:25 PM

    A This is the area where business gets interesting. We pretty clearly have a strong desire for freedom of speech for free flow of information We are working very hard on that trying to protect your private information ensuring computer security and trying to protect your freedom of speech as part of that. We try to be as transparent as possible about the requests we get from governments
  • 02:06:19 PM

    Q How will Google let us protect our freedom of speech
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    Of course Robert Scoble is the first Questioner. Page thanked him for his recent Google Glass photo from his shower. LOL
  • 01:58:41 PM

    Larry is doing an impromptu Q and A session for those 6k live and 1.2million YouTube Viewers
  • 01:57:34 PM

    I am excited to see what comes next! With that I want to do something that is unconventional now.
  • 01:55:39 PM

    Sergey and I talk a lot about cars. He is working on automated cars now. Imagine how those will change our lives, and the technology landscape. Fewer cars, more space, fewer hours wasted behind the wheel of a car. The average American spends 50 minutes five zero minutes commuting. Imagine if we got those hours back.
  • 01:54:59 PM

    Very heart felt message from Page
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  • 01:51:38 PM

    Larry is just discussing his love for technology and how amazing it is
  • 01:50:22 PM

    His voice is soft, and strained after haveing disclosed he is suffering from vocal cord paralysis
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