Live Blog Streaming Updates

  • 11:17:49 PM

    Thanks for following our live blog!
  • 11:17:37 PM

    Trace will be on the ground tomorrow at E3, so stay tuned for plenty of E3-related news this whole week from the whole team at TweakTown!
  • 11:17:03 PM

    That's it for us. Trace and Charles are signing off.
  • 11:15:45 PM

    And it looks as though Alienware is already almost done with the press conference
  • 11:14:51 PM

    Make use of Intel's Haswell CPUs; feature new designs
  • 11:13:30 PM

    Alienware is definitely unveiling laptops. THe Alienware 14, 17, and 18. They make use of the Alien lighting system.
  • 11:12:57 PM

    Alienware focuses on design; These systems want to be seen
  • 11:12:23 PM

    Feel free to pound on the keyboard, they'll be able to take it
  • 11:12:03 PM

    These systems are 100 percent designed by Alienware engineers to be the best they possibly can be. "They're unbreakable"
  • 11:10:51 PM

    Alienware wont bore us with hour-long presentations
  • 11:10:35 PM

    Alienware wants to make your experience the best it can be
  • 11:09:21 PM

  • 11:09:20 PM

  • 11:09:20 PM

  • 11:09:08 PM

    Laptops on the screen; definitely looking like a laptop will be debuted
  • 11:08:44 PM

    "We began with an idea that the ultimate gaming experience should not be confined to a single machine"
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